John 3:16 ESV

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.

Calvinism and John3:16?
Doesn't John3:16 mean that Christ died for every single person in the world, therefore disproving definite atonement?
What is agape love?
What is agape love? How is agape love different from other types of love?
Living in Harmony with the Holy Wind Blogs
It springs from an apprehension of the preciousness of an object. It is a love of esteem and approbation. The quality of this love is determined by ...
Appreciation for Don Carson
On the evening of April 12 in Chicago at The Gospel Coalition National Conference, I had the huge privilege of honoring D. A. Carson, as he was presented with a Festschrift by the president of Crossway Books, Lane Dennis. I
Gods Thoughts and Ways Part IX (Peter) Blogs
Agapao is used in John 3:16. God's love for a sinful and lost race springs from His heart in response to the high value He places upon each ...
The Difficult Doctrine of the Love of God
This is a fine little book that should be in the hands of every pastor and Bible student. At just over one hundred pages long it can be read thoughtfully in an afternoon and yet it will provide enough food for thought and open up enough avenues for further exploration to keep you...
What Is Love?
The most beautiful love is Gods love, which paid the highest price the life of the Son to give undeserving enemies the greatest happiness.
Fridays Featured Sermon: Why Christians Dont Love the World
Loyalty matters. The military shows no mercy to traitors and defectorsthose who have violated the trust of brothers-in-arms. On a more personal level, few things can match the devastation caused by ...
Rushdoony, Neoplatonism, and a Biblical View of Sex
N.B. The following essay was originally an address given at the University of Arkansas in 1987. Preface I am unashamedly a Christian. But lest you think that I have come here today simply to say, Fidelity in a monogamous relationship is the only way to goall else is sin! I want t...
Article from Biblical Perspectives Volume 4, Number 23

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