Romans 15:7 ESV

Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.

Daily Devotion: Accept One Another (Romans 15:7-13)
Jesus' example is the answer to 'What would Jesus do?' The cross was the price He paid for our acceptance. Are we laying down our rights in order to accept others for Jesus' sake?
Romans 15:7 | Bible Exposition Commentary
8 Oct 2014 ... Christ is the supreme example of accepting others. He received us with all our foibles. Are we to expect that Jesus will receive of us with all our ...
139: Accept one another | Romans 15:7
Christians can be so cruel to other Christians. What message does this send to the world? The Bible is clear: Accept each other. In Christian circles, the wo...
The Power of Acceptance - Romans 15:7 - Steve Grivjack
Pastor Steve Carr, Assistant Pastors and Guest Speakers, Topical Bible Studies.

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