1 Peter 3:7 ESV

Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.

How to Appreciate an Imperfect Spouse
This article from Gary Thomas discusses how two imperfect people can enjoy a great marriage and glorify God.
What does it mean to be a godly husband?
What does it mean to be a godly husband? How can I be a godly husband? What does a godly husband look like?
1 Peter 3:1-12
Recap -To abstain from the passions of the flesh. -To submit to the governing authorities -To show honor to everyone Talking Points -Men and women are create...
Matthew 10:28 nslation "Don't be afraid of those who want to kill your body; they cannot touch your soul. Fear only God, who can destroy both soul and body i...

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